Pegg boards the sci-fi comedy…

Simon Pegg (‘The World’s End,’ ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’) is set to star in ‘Absolutely Anything,’ the upcoming sci-fi comedy that is being directed by ‘Monty Python’s Terry Jones.

The film, which will mix CGI and live-action, sees Pegg playing Neil Clarke, a disillusioned schoolteacher who suddenly finds he has magical powers bestowed upon him by aliens – to be voiced by surviving Python members John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam and Jones.

“As someone whose love of comedy was hugely informed by Monty Python, the chance to work with Terry was a gift. Meeting your heroes is one thing – working with them is something else,” said Pegg.

As previously reported, Robin Williams is voicing Dennis, Neil’s faithful dog who understands more about the mayhem that ensues than anyone else does.

Principal photography is expected to get underway in London in March.