Sheridan and Dever to Lead GRASS STAINS

Coming of age indie eyes potential leads.

Young stars Tye Sheridan (‘Mud,’ ‘Tree of Life’) and Kaitlyn Dever (‘Last Man Standing,’ ‘Justified’) are in negotiations to lead the coming-of-age indie drama ‘Grass Stains.’

Sheridan will play Conrad Stevens, a fifteen-year-old teenage boy growing up in small town America. When an innocent prank leads to the accidental death of the older brother of Conrad’s first girlfriend, Grace Turner (Dever) — Conrad and his two best friends leave the scene of the accident to try and flee their responsibility. But when they do just that, Conrad is racked with guilt and throws himself in the middle of Grace’s mourning family in an attempt to make up for everything he’s done wrong. But soon he finds each family member avoiding their loss in a different way — most particularly Grace who has placed all of her focus, both emotionally and physically, on her fast blooming relationship with Conrad. Now Conrad must struggle with the truth as he tries to balance his responsibility with his growing desire for young love.

The film will mark the directorial debut of Kyle Wilamowski, who is helming from his own screenplay. Haven Entertainment and Deckplate Films are co-producing