Seven Weddings Wed Like to Attend

To celebrate the release of Our Family Wedding, says I do to seven of our favourite wedding movies…

 Four Weddings and A Funeral



The movie that made Richard Curtis a family name, Four Weddings and a Funeral perfectly shows the chaotic nature of the “big day” . As the title suggests, there’s a fair few big days to choose from in this movie, but our favourite remains a hapless Rowan Aktinson performing a wedding and praying to the Holy Goat!


The Graduate



As weddings go, this one has been parodied by so many shows. Ben has lost the love of his life after a rather ill-advised affair with her mother but when he hears she is to marry, he rushes to the church to create a highly embarrassing scene. The re-united couple escape on a passing bus. Magic – though we prefer the clip above!


Kill Bill



A wedding can be a stressful business, especially if your ex happens to be a cold blooded killer – the intro scene to Tarantino’s two part film, shot in black and white, sucked audiences in to what remains one of Tarantino’s greatest works and what is certainly one of Uma’s strongest performances.


The Wedding Singer



Adam Sandler welcomes us back to the 1980s in the Wedding Singer, where the uglier the dress, the happier the bride. And a not-so-great the wedding singer, means a fabulously fun party. Wedding crooner Robbie (Adam Sandler) and his waitress friend, Julia, (Drew Barrymore) are tired of working these big-time bridal parties. Good thing they’re both engaged. Will these soul mates realize that they’re stuck in dead-end relationships, before they tie the knot to their respective cheating, lying, icky fiancés?



Honeymoon in Las Vegas



Long before she married her Mr Big, Sarah Jessica Parker played Betsy, a gal desperate to get married to her commitment-phoebe boyfriend Jack Singer (Nicolas Cage). . They plan to marry in Vegas, but when he starts to have doubts (and loses a ton of money in a gambling game) in swoops millionaire, Tommy Korman (James Caan). Jack must win back his lady-love … but faces challenges (i.e. a plane full of sky-diving Elvis impersonators) along the way… Well it beats Sex and the City!


Father of the Bride



Back then Steve Martin still had a place in comedy (aka the ’90s) he starred as the Father of the Bride. Wanting only the best for his little girl, when she gets engaged, he goes a little crazy at the thought of losing his youngest daughter, paying those hefty wedding bills, and dealing with a funny, foreign wedding planner. This is the bittersweet romantic comedy that will make every daughter appreciate her daddy.


The Bird Cage



We all know how much fun it is to meet the future in-laws. The Birdcage, although eccentric, embodies what it is like when two worlds are forced to collide simply for the happiness of their children.