Seven Great Movie Mentors

With Karate Kid now in cinemas, we look at seven of our favourite MOVIE MENTORS




New kid in town ‘Daniel is frustrated with being the hacky-sack for a gang of school bullies. he turns to his neighbour — the wise, old, Bonsai-Tree pruning Mr. Miyagi for help. The lesson – “wax on, wax off and you’lll never have to deal with bullies again – and you might even win a giant trophy for your new found karate skills. Success!





To gear up for the big fight against heavyweight champeen Apollo Creed, amateur fighter Rocky Balboa turns to old-timey fighter Mickey Goldmill, who puts ol’ Rock to work punching frozen sides of beef and running around Philadelphia landmarks to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger.”






Marine turned substitute teacher LouAnne Johnson thought she was just teaching her class about English literature (through Bob Dylan lyrics, karate moves and, um, a really boss leather jacket), but it turned out she taught them all a little something about LIFE instead. Awwwh, it truly was a Gangsters Paradise….





After being thrown into exile (because apparently medieval Scots were spooked by dudes who come back from the dead. Lame.) Connor MacLeod is tracked down by a guy in a fancy jacket who calls himself Juan Sancez Villa-Lobos Ramirez. Fancy-pants explains they’re both Immortals, and proceeds to teach him some basic swordplay when they’re not playing tag with deer.




Cruel to be kind is the lesson from the head priest of the White Lotus Clan, Pai Mei, who takes a young Beatrix Kiddo under his harsh wing. He mocks her, beats her and treats her like a dog, but it’s all worthwhile as Beatrix learned a few tricks that ultimately saved her life, not least that old five-point palm exploding heart technique – handy when faced with an ex-love / villain who just won’t stop talking about Superman….




This folically-challenged swot is the cornerstone of the X-Men; aside from starting Xavier’s School For Mutants and formed the Marvel universe’s most awesome bunch of shit-kickers. Cool and collected, he’s the perfect foil to the attributes of his students: he curbs Wolverine’s rage, keeps Jean Grey’s incredible power in check and even gives Storm odd-jobs around the mansion when she’s bored….




‘Do, or do not; there is no try. ‘ The immortal words of this pint-sized Master have been replicated time and time again by American president and parent alike. He’s green, he owns the Force and he’s also a nifty little bugger when it comes to rolling his sleeve up and having a fight. For these reasons, Yoda gets our top spot. May the Force be with you.