Seven Great Movie Geeks

As Scott Pilgrim preps to take on the world, looks at seven of its favourite Movie Geeks!

Indiana Jones

He’s a geek who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, Indy is not just an adventurer, he’s a college professor too. He’s the geekiest action hero there is with one of the best lines ever spoken by a geek: “Nothing shocks me – I’m a scientist.”

Doc Emmett Brown

Is there any bigger science geek? Aside from his mad scientist hair, a geeky catchphrase (great scott!) and creating his own time machine, Doc Brown might be the biggest geek for the name of his two children: “Jules” and “Verne.” Enough said


He’s a favourite geek and favourite sidekick, Garth plays backs up to the suave extrovert Wayne (Mike Myers), who lik every extrovert needs an awkward, occasionally hyper introvert to balance the scales. Dana Carvey’s Garth – with his straw-blond mane, old lady glasses and twittering mouth – fulfills the job requirements and then some.

William Miller

William Miller is our favourite music obsessed geek. Falling for the blonde band aid Penny Lane (Kate Hudson’s in what may be her only good role), the fresh faced William follows the fictional band Stillwater across America as he writes for Rollering Stone magazine. Shy, smart and painfully uncool, the actor is in fact based on real life geek director Cameron Crowe.


Certainly the most bitter geek on the list, Enid’s self-deprecating sense of humour and hatred of anyone would put Janeane Garofalo to shame. She’s likely such a great character because she was born from the mind of a comics geek, Daniel Clowes…

Egon Spengler

Who ya’ gonna’ call? Yeah, you may think to call droll Dr. Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) or Dr. Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd). But who did they call every time the ectoplasm hit the fan? Brainiac Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis), that’s who!

Chris Knight

Geek cool doesn’t get any smoother than this.  The most brilliant student in the elite university Pacific Tech, he learned early on that college is as much for meeting women and goofing off as it is for studying. Despite his distractions, Chris invents a laser “hotter than the sun” and then uses it to get back at evil Professor Hathaway, who wants it as a weapon for the CIA.