140 characters of celebrity wisdom, Movies.ie looks at seven of the best celebrity tweeters!

David Lynch

Where: http://twitter.com/DAVID_LYNCH

Who: Filmmaker and Visual Artist


The ever bonkers director behind such films as Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive Inland Empire, and creator of TV show Twin Peaks, Lynch’s tweets are as cryptic and off the wall as the show that shot the director to success. Examples? Three red hands hold the dream or I built 3 small boxes to place behind 3 holes. I used epoxy & FixAll & built 3 small hands. It was a glorious weekend.

Stephen Fry

Where: http://twitter.com/stephenfry

Who:Director, Writer, Actor


Dry, witty and gay, what’s not to love about the tweets of Stephen Fry. Typical tweets like “600 people went to the theatre, not to to see Oliver but to compete in a paper & chocolate wrapper rustling competition. Others came to cough” will keep you entertained until the next episode of QI.

Ed Norton

Where: http://twitter.com/EdwardNorton

Who: Actor

He’s more than just the face of the incredible Hulk, Ed Norton is also a keen spokesman for environmental, political and social issues, as reflected in his twitter. Follow him for a more wholesome tweeting life, e.g. Been reading a lot on hemp as a superfood. incredible. so much better than soy. tried most of the hemp milks. liked “Tempt” best. thoughts?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Where: http://twitter.com/hitRECordJoe

Who: Actor


The star of 500 Days of Summer and Christopher Nolan’s Inception is both cooler and smarter than you. Follow him for his political ramblings – e.g. This legislation will not fix everything that ails our healthcare system, but it moves us decisively in the right direction. – you’ll probably learn something…

Jon Favreau

Where: http://twitter.com/Jon_Favreau
Who: Actor, Director, Film Fan!

Why? Often known to plug his own movies via twitter, you’ll most likely read a mix of production info and film reviews from director Favreau. Follow him for the latest Iron Man info.

Nathan Fillion


Who: Actor


The star of Firefly/Serenity, Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog and more recently Waitress, Fillion is a geek icon. Follow him for some very genuine and friendly tweets, e.g. OK my girlfriend is way to excited that u r filming Castle on her block now. 🙂 /via @richardchiu — I know. We’re dating now.

Nathan Fillion Twitter Try this: sneak up behind someone and say their name in their ear. Don’t yell, just a calm voice, saying their name. Right in the ear.

Ben Stiller

Where: http://twitter.com/RedHourBen

Who: Actor, Comedian, Writer, Director


The comedian behind Zoolander, There’s Something About Mary, and Tropic Thunder, Stiller’s twitter is jam packed with celebs and given his comedic background, it’s about 50 percent funnier than any other actors…