Scottys Ashes Lost In Space

James Doohan’s ashes fail to reach the final frontier…

The rocket pledged to deliver the ashes of late Star Trek star James Doohan, aka Scotty, into space disintegrated during its Saturday launch.

Three years after his death from Alzheimer’s disease, his ashes have still not reached their intended destination. Back in December 2006, some of Doohan’s remains were to be rocketed into space, but the launch was delayed, and new plans were made for the actor’s ashes, along with more than 200 other people’s remains.

The ashes’ first mission went as planned, as they were blasted into space for four minutes in April 2007 and then were parachuted back to Earth.

This past Saturday, they were all set to again be shot into space and to remain there this time, but the launch failed.

Now it has been reported that following the failure of the mission, Doohan’s ashes have gone missing. It’s unclear what the details of the disappearance are, but it’s fair to assume that much of the rocket’s contents went missing during the botched launch, which took place from the island of Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

Real-life astronaut and original Mercury 7 crew member Gordon Cooper’s ashes also were lost during the botched mission.