Schwarzenegger talks Terminator 4

Schwarzenegger confused by early ‘Terminator Salvation’ footage.

According to reports, the original terminator , Arnold Schwarzenegger, is puzzled by the footage he has seen of Terminator Salvation – at least so far.

The Governor talks about how the footage he saw wasn’t too clear, or did not make sense and was out of context for him to make a “judgment” on how he feels the movie will do. Speaking to reporters, he said:

“I’ve seen very little footage so I don’t really have a feel for it. I hope they do well, and I hope it is a huge hit. I do hope it creates a spectacle on the screen. That is what James Cameron created.”

“With Batman and Terminator, those big movies, there’s a certain expectation and if you don’t live up to it, if the movie is not a 10, then the business will be soft, if [‘Salvation’] is pushing it forward, it will be breaking records all the time. If [director McG] has the T4 and the kind of shots that has the audience thinking, ‘Now how did he do that?’ — then it is ‘Terminator’ and you can blow everyone away and every record at the box office.”

The next trailer for the film is expected this October attached to Bond: Quantum of Solace.