Ryuhei Kitamura Wants Nicolas Cage and Mickey Rourke in MARBLE CITY

Cage and Rourke circle action thriller.

It has been announced that Nicolas Cage and Mickey Rourke are both in talks to star in writer/director Ryuhei Kitamura’s action thriller ‘Marble City.’

‘Marble City’ takes us on a journey of a newly released prisoner who seeks revenge on those that put him inside. It is the story of a man who finds his inner peace through vengeance.

Kitamura (‘No One Lives,’ ‘The Midnight Meat Train,’ ‘Versus’) describes the film as ‘Kill Bill’ meets ‘Drive.’

The official synopsis:

“Rune enters Marble City after serving ten years for armed robbery. With an eye patch covering his scarred and mangled eye, he’s full of hate and vengeance and soon defies the rules of his parole.

Rune steals a car, picks up two nickel-plated .45s, and goes on a violent search for the man who wronged him, Lucky, the owner of a seedy night club. His quest for revenge leads to encounters with strippers, mob enforcers, and the very worst of the crime underworld.

But Rune is also seeking personal redemption, praying for forgiveness for his sinful ways and a reunion with his daughter. His journey into darkness culminates in an epic gun battle that will only leave one man standing.”