Ryan Reynolds Rumoured for RAINBOW SIX Movie

Mike Fleming over at Deadline is hearing word that writer-director-producer Akiva Goldsman (‘Winter’s Tale,’ ‘The Dark Tower,’ ‘A Beautiful Mind’) is looking to adapt the Tom Clancy counterterrorism bestseller ‘Rainbow Six,’ with Ryan Reynolds being courted to star.

Originally published in 1999, the novel focuses on ex-Navy SEAL John Clark, now the newly named head of Rainbow, an international task force dedicated to combating terrorism. In a trial by fire, he is “confronted with a violent chain of seemingly separate international incidents. But there is no way to predict the real threat: a group of terrorists like none the world has ever encountered, a band of men and women so extreme that their success could literally mean the end of life on earth as we know it.”

Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec (‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’) are on board to adapt the script. According to Deadline’s sources, should the film prove a success, the plan is to follow up ‘Without Remorse,’ Clancy’s 1993 novel about Clark’s origins.

The Clark character originated in Clancy’s Jack Ryan series, and has appeared in the Jack Ryan films, with Willem Dafoe and Liev Schrieber portraying the character in ‘Clear and Present Danger’ and ‘The Sum of All Fears,’ respectively.