Russell Crowe is Robin Hood


Russell Crowe is to play both of the main parts in Ridley Scott’s interpretation of Robin Hood.

While promoting their latest collabortation – political thriller ‘Body Of Lies’ – Scott let slip that his long-gestating revisionist take on the Robin Hood legend, ‘Nottingham’, will feature Crowe in a dual role as the legendary robber-of-the-rich-and-giver-to-the-poor and his sheriff nemesis.

It was previously reported that Crowe will play the sheriff with Sam Riley cast as Robin Hood. Now however, Scott has now revealed that Crowe will take on both leading roles in ‘Nottingham’, explaining: “[It will be] a good old clever adjustment of characters. One becomes the other. It changes.”

Previous movies have seen Kevin Costner and Erroll Flynn as the famous outlaw, while Alan Rickman has portrayed the Sheriff of Nottingham.