Romeros Next Project

Romero talks about a possible ‘The Thing’ adaptation.

Nobody does zombies like George Romero, whether it’s his ’70s classics or his latest film ‘Diary of the Dead’ with its modernist youtube generation slant, Romero proves that  time isn’t a factor when it comes to dealing with the living-dead. Now it seems he’s hoping to to remake of the classic ‘The Thing’.

But that’s not all. It seems Romero has theatre in mind for this adaptation and not just theatre, an ice theatre. According to Empire, Romero commented that “I keep trying to get hold of the rights and I’d love to do it as a stage play. I’d love to freeze the whole audience – first of all, we’d have to chill the whole theatre down to some sub-zero temperature.” Confusing? Sounds it!


You can read our interview George Romero here. ‘Diary of the Dead’ will be in Irish cinemas Friday, 7th March.