Rodriguez McGowan In Chains

Robert Rodriguez shops prison series

Director Robert Rodriguez and his one legged fiancée Rose McGowan (well it’s how we remember her) are currently shopping around ‘Women in Chains’, a violent drama set in a woman’s prison.

The spec script, penned by Josh Miller and Mark Fortin, has been sent to a number of networks with Rodriguez attached to direct and McGowan to star.

The two first worked together on last year’s ‘Planet Terror,’ Rodriguez’s homage to 1970s exploitation flicks. The new show is rumoured to be fashioned with a 1970s exploitation sensibility, with such staples like mud wrestling.

EXTRAs: McGowan will lead in a remake of cult sci-fi hit ‘Barbella’. She recently squashed rumours that she was pulled from the film, claiming that  the movie will be delayed because of the potential SAG strike.  She added, “Half of the sets have been built. The costumes are done. [I’ve] even got my spaceships. I’ve got part of a spaceship built for me!”