ROBOCOP Nabs Jackie Earle Haley

Upcoming remake lands yet another awesome addition.

Deadline has word that Jackie Earle Haley (‘Dark Shadows’) is closing up a deal to star in Jose Padilha’s upcoming remake of ‘Robocop.’

As we already know, Joel Kinnaman (‘The Killing’) is playing Alex Murphy aka Robocop, with the supporting cast made up of Gary Oldman as scientist who creates our cyborg hero, Samuel L. Jackson as a charismatic TV mogul, Abbie Cornish as Murphy’s wife, and Hugh Laurie in the role of the villain.

Haley will be playing Maddox, the guy who “dispenses the military training to Robocop.” Deadline also reports that Jay Baruchel (‘Goon’) is circling one of the “final leads.”