RIP Ryan Dunn 1977 2011

Jackass star passes aged 34

Ryan Dunn, best known for his daredevil antics with the Jackass boys, died this morning in a car crash at the age of 34.

Dunn first came to public attention when he appeared in four music videos for the band CKY. Dunn then joined up with Johnny Knoxville and long time friend Bam Margera for to perform ridiculous stunt and practical jokes on MTV’s Jackass.

Dunn performed many silly and dangerous stunts with the Jackass boys, including placing a toy car up his rectum for an x-ray and landing a golf cart on Johnny Knoxville after a stunt went awry. Although injuries and concussions were par for the course with Jackass, no one ever expected Dunn to die so young.

As well as Jackass and several spin off shows, Dunn appeared in an episode of Law and Order Special Victims Unit and the 2009 movie Sweet Dreams. At the time of his death Dunn was a host of G4 TV’s Proving Ground, in which he tried to replicate moments from video games, comics, TV and movies.

Hours before he died, Dunn posted photos of himself drinking with friends on Facebook. At the time of the accident, Dunn is believed to have been travelling at 110 miles per hour. Bam’s mum, April Margera, phoned a radio show this morning to confirm Dunn’s death.