Ridleys Brave New World

Ridley Scott Confirms ‘Brave New World’

Ridley Scott and Leo DiCaprio are teaming for a ‘Brave New World’. Io9 has confirmed that Ridley Scott’s next project will be a feature film version of Aldous Huxley’s classic dystopian future novel.

Scott was reportedly approached by Leonardo DiCaprio approached him about adapting the book and it looks like he will star in the film as well.

The director made no promises about the time line for the project and a script is a long way from completion. Speaking to reporters, Scott explained, “we’re still struggling with that one. I have 40 things on the go at once. But that’s a very important one. And sometimes, some surface faster than the others. It’s partly luck of the draw. Even with a good writer, he’ll do it and screw up. So then you go back to the table and start all over again, it’s hard. The hardest single thing is getting it on paper.”

Written in 1932, Brave New World centres on a future in which everyone appeared happy and content while in a constant state of consumption. When an outsider is brought into the ‘perfect society’, things get a little tricky. The message: we’re all willing to give up our freedoms and humanity for a little comfort and entertainment.