Rick McCallum to Produce Sci-Fi Feature R’HA

Student-made short getting Hollywood treatment.

‘Star Wars’ producer Rick McCallum is teaming fellow producer Steve Tzirlin (‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’) for a feature-length take on Kaleb Lechowski’s excellent animated sci-fi short ‘R’Ha,’ says THR.

Created by Lechowski during the first year of his studies, the six-minute short follows a nonhuman alien from a race called the R’Ha, who defend a cluster of solar systems from a menacing attack.

“What inspires me and our team is that there are no humans whatsoever in the film, and yet Kaleb has come up with a world that is so engaging and so alive and so real that it really is very different from anything else I have seen in the sci-fi world,” McCallum told the trade. “We want to make it as a European film, using VFX facilities from all over Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, and do it for a price that not only allows Kaleb total control of his unique vision, but is incomprehensible in the big-budget VFX world that we now live in!”

Providing the screenplay for the big screen take will be ‘Life on Mars’ creator Matthew Graham.