Revolutionary Road Premiere Video

Kate and Leo take to the red carpet for the premiere of Revolutionary Road.



“Titanic” fans came out of the closet on Sunday Night in London’s Leicester Square for the much anticipated return of Jack and Rose, aka Kate and Leo, in next weekend’s big release “Revolutionary Road”.

Based on the acclaimed novel, Richard Yates had tried for years to bring his 1961 story of marital trouble in ’50s suburbia to the screen but died before seeing it finally come to fruition in the form of this scorching adaptation by writer Justin Haythe.

April (Kate Winslet) and Frank Wheeler (Leonardo DiCaprio) are young marrieds, living what appears to be the ideal life in the Connecticut of the 1950s. He has a nice job, she is a mother of two with dreams of an acting career. But beneath the surface is a lingering dissatisfaction with their lives; Frank is having an affair with an office worker (Zoe Kazan), and April is terribly unhappy with the way her life is turning out. They engage in ferocious arguments, constantly disproving the idea they are the perfect couple. One day April decides the answer to all their problems is to move to Paris and start over. Frank initially agrees, but the relationship goes downhill even further from there and things spiral out of control…


The self-proclaimed “best pals” took to the red carpet talking about their character, their friendship and of course “Titanic”. You can check out clips from the red carpet below. And stay tuned for our exlusive one-on-one interview with the man himself, Leonardo DiCaprio, coming  next week on!