Revenge Thriller MOTOR CITY Stalls

Long trouble project stalls at the last minute.

Deadline has word that production on the Albert Hughes revenge thriller ‘Motor City,’ which had Gerard Butler, Mickey Rourke and Adrien Brody attached to star, has been put on indefinite hold.

According to the site’s insiders the film stalled “after the film’s backers, Emmett/Furla Films, Envision Entertainment, and Mark Damon’s Foresight Entertainment, realized at the last moment that the release date given them by Warner Bros through its deal with Joel Silver’s Dark Castle turned out to be a drop dead date.”

In a statement to Deadline, the producers and financiers said:

“Faced with the realities of a very short post-production schedule and complicated visual and special effects, the producers have decided to push back production on Albert Hughes’ ‘Motor City.’ We are dedicated to delivering top-tier productions such as ‘2 Guns’ starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg which is currently in production and Peter Berg’s ‘Lone Survivor’ which is in pre-production. The circumstances surrounding this project made it impossible to meet the firm March 31st delivery date without compromising the quality of the film.”

Based on a Black List script by Penned by Chad St. John, ‘Motor City’ follows “a man who is double crossed and seeks revenge on the guy who put him behind bars and took his woman.”