Reitmans Next Project

Jasaon Reitman, the man behind ‘Thank You For Smoking’ and more recently ‘Juno’ has tentatively picked his next film project.

The ‘Juno’ helmer  is attached to direct an adaptation of Walter Kirn’s book, ‘Up in the Air.’

So far no names have been announced to script the film, though we’ve included a premise of the book below:

Ryan Bingham’s job as a Career Transition Counselor – he fires people – has kept him airborne for years. Although he despises his line of work, he has come to love the culture of what he calls, “Airworld,” finding contentment within pressurized cabins and anonymous hotel rooms. With a letter of resignation sitting on his boss’s desk, and the hope of a job with a mysterious consulting firm, Ryan Bingham is agonizingly close to his ultimate goal, his Holy Grail: one million frequent flier miles. Kirn takes on the corporate world’s weirdly mystical and paranoid side, its rhetoric of personal empowerment and its messianic devotion to gurus.