Quiz Museums Theyre not just for boring people

This weeks movie quiz is museum related, mostly ‘Night at the museum’ related but there’s plenty of other museum movies covered to keep you happy..

Ben Stiller is trying his very best to make museums more fun, attendances at New York museums rose a whopping 20% after the original ‘Night at the museum’ hit cinemas.


We at Movies.ie predict a day when people will shun movies in favour of museums, we’re already planning to close down Movies.ie and rename it Museums.ie Behold our first piece of museum related content.. a quiz! 

This weeks quiz looks at the ‘Night at the museum’ franchise’, and to make it a little more interesting we’ve added a few other museum themed movies into the mix.
Try your luck below…

The quiz needs Flash 7 or higher installed to load. Let us know how you get on.



‘Night At The Museum 2’ is at cinemas everywhere from May 22nd