Quiz Horror Movie Deaths

Test your slasher smarts with the Movies.ie Halloween Quiz of Horror Movie Deaths…

If you’re cast in a horror pic, chances are, you won’t survive till the end of the film – but not all horror deaths are created equal – in fact, the horror genre has given us some of the most creative dramatic exits ever seen on film. In honour of this festive season, Movies.ie invites you to test your slasher smarts and match the actor’s onscreen death to the film…





How did Drew Barrymore die in ‘Scream’?

(a) Pushed through a window

(b) Shot with a Crossbow

(c) Stabbed Repeatedly

(d) Strangled with a telephone cord.

How did Johnny Depp meet his maker in ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’?

(a) Burned in a furnace

(b) Dropped from a height

(c) Dragged through a bed

(d) Pushed into an industrial fan

What Amanda Peet perish in ‘Identity’?

(a) Bludgeoned by a shovel
(b) Drowned
(c) Electrocuted
(d) Hit by a bus

What killed Jada Pinkett Smith in ‘Scream 2′?

(a) Food Poisoning
(b) Stabbing
(c) Hanging
(d) Hit by a car repeatedly.

How did John Travolta bite the dust in Carrie’?

(a) Burned to death in a forest fire
(b) Burned to death at prom
(c) Killed in a car
(d) Gunned down

How was Kevin Back dispatched in Friday the 13th?

(a) Danced himself to death
(b) Od’ed on tomato soup
(c) Stabbed through the neck
(d) Suffocated

How was Paris Hilton put out of her/our misery in ‘House of Wax’?

(a) Dipped in wax

(b) Forced to Listen to her CD

(c) A Pole through the head

(d) Stranged


How did Seann William Scott meet his maker in ‘Final Destination’?

(a) Run over by a train
(b) Crushed by a bolder
(c) Shot by a train conductor
(d) Hit by a flying piece from a train.

How was Tara Reid gotta rid of in Urban Legend?

(a) Alcohol poisoning
(b) Pushed from a balcony
(c) Axed!
(d) Suffocated by her breast implants

How did Buffy aka Sarah Michelle Gellar kick it in ‘I know what you did last summer’?


(a) Stake through the heart
(b) Fell 10 stories into a dumpster
(c) Stabbed with a hook
(d) Drowned