Quentin Tarantinos Kill Bill The Whole Bloody Affair To hit cinemas In March

Kill Bill 1 + Kill Bill 2 = Kill Bill : The Whole Bloody Affair

Finally, after years of waiting Quentin Tarantino is to release “Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair” in America next month.

Back in 2009 the ‘Pulp Fiction’ director talked extensively about what would be appearing in ‘The Whole Bloody Affair’ and it seems it will be the original two Kill Bill movies padded out with a lengthy animated sequence. “I’m not going to monkey around with the movie itself, but we’ve actually done a whole new section for the anime as the last thing [we added]. I actually wrote a much longer script for the anime section during O-Ren’s revenge chapter. Remember the guy with the long hair that kills her father? It’s like, what happened to that dude? Well, I wrote it and it was the biggest, most elaborate thing I wrote-her taking him down,” Tarantino said.

“This was when I thought ‘Kill Bill’ was going to be one movie. So already I thought a 20-minute anime scene may not be the wisest move. So we didn’t have them do it, so they were relieved they didn’t have to do it because it was so big. [But] I actually showed it to Harvey Weinstein; I had the whole script written out shot for shot what it would be, so [I said], ‘Harvey, this literally would make it complete. This is everything I came up with and wrote when I wrote it.’ So Production IG just did it, and I just need to work with them a little bit and go over it with them-and I’ll do that once this is officially behind me.” 

Kill Bill – The Whole Bloody Affair will premiere at LA’s New Beverly Cinema as part of a monthly curation by Quentin Tarantino on March 27th 
(There’s no word on an Irish release for the film, but we can hope, watch this space!)