Predict The Oscars Win A Prize

We’re going to be live blogging the Oscars on Sunday night, hope you join us!

This Sunday night from midnight we will be live blogging the Oscars from this very webpage on We’ll actually be live-tweeting on Twitter rather than blogging because according to our cool-o-meter Twitter is in right now. Our Twitter address is here

We’ve added a Twitter widget below so if you happen to be awake you can get our updates instantly right here (or at least whenever the widget updates, which we hope is instant enough).

To make the Oscar time more fun we are having a little wager here on 

In the comment section below tell us who do think will win
1/ Best Movie
2/ Best Director
3/ Best Actor
4/ Best Actress
5/ Best Supporting Actor
6/ Best Supporting Actress

If you need a reminder on the categories click here for our  list of Oscar Nominees

If you get all 6 correct we will reward you with cinema tickets to one of our advance upcoming screenings. 

Note #1 – If more than five people correctly guess the Oscar results then we will only give prizes to the first five. Otherwise we’ll be bankrupt and we’ll also be concerned by your mystic future-gazing skills.

Note #2 – No more entries or edits after The Oscars start, that would be cheating.

We’ll be posting the full list of Oscar winners straight after the event, so it will be here first thing Monday morning if you don’t fancy staying up on Sunday night. 



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See you here on Sunday night.