Poll Is Hollywood dumbing down

With so many animations, bromances and superhero movies, Movies.ie asks – Is Hollywood dumbing down?

Movies.ie received a letter from one of our dedicated Kilkenny based subscribers. In the typical fashion we’ve come to expect from Movies.ie users, the writer made some interesting and  dare we say it, valid points on the topic of film choice:

“I live in Kilkenny and I’m fed up with the lack of choice. Showing a whole load of kids films may be good business for the weekend but for weeks on end, come on? Slumdog Millionaire was a great film and deserved its awards but showing it for a month was overkill. I wanted to see Frost/Nixon, never came, The Class, never came, The Reader, never came, Hunger, never came, Milk, never came and The Damned United, doubt it will come.

Some of these films are/will be on Sky Box Office but I would like to see them on the big screenbut it seems unless you live in a town outside of the multiplex’s the cinema is a bit of a Disney or Superheros. Kilkenny did have a bit of screened/unscreened night but even that has seemed to dwindle.There is no point talking about great independent films, talking about great acting performances when the actors are dogs or cartoons. Its time to step up to the mark and provide some choice for adults.”


With Dublin opening a new cinemas every second week, we can quickly forget how limited the choices can be outside the Pale but is this a sign of Hollywood dumbing down or merely a reaction to what the audience wants?


Always up for a good blarney, Movies.ie is looking for your opinions! Has Hollywood dumbed down of late, are its best years behind us and what are the options available to expand choice for viewers country-wide. Have your say in the comment box and poll below!