Poll BSG Returns

Thank the gods, “Battlestar Galactica” is back – but what did you think of the new episode?



Thank Pythia, it’s back! Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 burst onto our screens last night – bigger, brighter, and sadder than ever with plenty of early revelations to baffle even the most hardcore fan.

And of course the Movies.ie team  was watching, waving our homemade cylon flag to bring you our  take on the latest episode – specifically those “What the Frak” moments…  Be warned – if you have  yet to watch the latest episode – SPOILERS contained after the jump!





Perhaps I’m the only one who didn’t see this coming… In typical Ronald Moore fashion, he’s taking us a significant new departure revealing the 13th tribe to be… cylon! Where does this place us in the grand chronology of BSG and how do the final five fit in – with all four having memories of living on Earth 2000 years ago. What the frak…







When even the all-knowing Leoben is running away from Starbuck, things can’t be good. Following up the colonial signal the pair find what it appear to be Kara’s raptor and her body… Eh, so who is the angry blonde wandering the halls of Galactica for the past year? One possible explanation is that she is has someone resurrected in a similar manner to the final five. But as suggested elsewhere, what if somebody translated the Cylon resurrection technology for humans? What difference would there really be between Cylons and humans at that point? 





Perhaps the most shocking and upsetting moment in last night’s episode: the demise of Dualla. One of the show’s best (and at times worst) attributes has always been its willingness to kill off central characters (unlike Heroes which will constantly bring back a character – even without the aid of a resurrection hub!). And the end of the ever-cheerful Dee certainly was a “what the frak” moment, albeit fitting with the state of affairs for the crew. As Moore himself recently said of the decision:


That felt really important. If they’re going to get to Earth and Earth is ashes, that felt like it has to have a huge impact on all these characters. There had to be a cost. There had to be a price somebody paid for that discovery. Not everybody could take that. Not everyone could just say, “OK, that didn’t work out, let’s go on to next week’s episode.”


It felt like somebody would just say, “No, I’m done. I just want to find a little moment of time where I can feel good about myself one last time, then I’m finished with this long nightmare.” And that seemed like that would be Dualla.







And the final Coup de grâce – four years of guessing and now we know – the final one of the all-important final five is… Ellen Tigh.


Unexpected to say the least but – in retrospect – perhaps somewhat fitting? Remember D’Anna’s heartfelt apology in the Temple of Five? Was this directed to Ellen? And of course way back in season one, Ellen’s blood test was never officially revealed with Baltar telling Six – “I’ll never tell…” Clarifiying that Ellen is indeed the fifth and that this is no redherring – Moore said:


“There’s a certain logic to it. I sort of figured out early on that I liked the pairing of her and Tigh. [I liked] that there was something deeper to their marriage and deeper to their relationship, that it was literally a relationship that had transcended time and space, that it was very ancient that had gone on for a very long time. It was something that was [mentioned] in the pilot for Galactica.”


Battlestar Galactica fans, are there any other questions that you are asking yourself this morning? What did you think of the last night’s episodes – comments, suggestions, theories – all welcome in the poll and comment area below: