Poll Are you happy with the new look Star Trek


It’s been a long time coming but as the big ass Romulan dude concludes the trailer (and yes that is Eric Bana) – “the wait is over”.

Trekkies, film fans and of course Abram groupies can all ogle over their first proper look at his reinvention of the Star Trek franchise…You can view it below by pressing play or its also available in high definition glory via this link.

Clocking in at just over two minutes, the trailer darts us around the ship, its crew and those pesky villains however, for the most part, we concentrate on Kirk and Spock – their formative years and budding friendship (or as the trailer suggests rivalry?)

As always, we want to hear your thoughts on what’s being billed as the biggest  summer release of 2009. Trekkies come out of your space-time-continuum-closet and tell us the flaws – Abram groupies, does this look like the director’s typical style?


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Star Trek hits Irish cinemas May 8th, 2009.