‘Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us’ hits Irish cinemas this month

There’s no slowing down of the POKEMON phenomena, the popular game POKEMON GO is still going strong and Ryan Reynolds is currently making a spin-off movie called ‘Detective Pikachu’ due to hit cinemas next year but fans won’t have to wait until then to get their POKEMON fix. For a limited time “Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us” comes to Irish cinemas, with screenings taking place on November 24th, December 1st  plus additional screenings in select cinemas till December 3rd.

The feature-length anime film has a unique art style, new characters, and some exciting and fun surprises for fans both new and old to the extremely popular franchise. Continuing from last year’s “Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You,” it follows young trainer Ash as he voyages with the adorable and fan favourite Pikachu as they continue with their Pokémon-capturing adventures. The new installment takes place in the seaside town of Frau City, where an annual festival celebrating the legendary Pokémon Lugia is held each year, as it saved the town from danger in the years prior. When the festival’s livelihood is put at risk, Ash must team up with others in Frau City as well as some extremely familiar faces to face off a procession of Pokémon imposing threat to Frau City. This is an unmissable and thrilling installment and a complete treat for the whole family.

Attendees at selected screenings of “Pokémon the Movie: The Power of US” across the UK & Ireland will be able to pick up a free sample pack of The Pokémon Trading Card Game, featuring three random trading cards.


To find your closest participating cinema showing “Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us” and to book your tickets go to www.fathomanimation.com.