Pixar reveal mystery movie for 2013

A dinosaur themed animation is rumoured to be the next announcement from the Oscar winning studio…

Pixar have revealed the release date for a new mystery project. The mysterious movie will be an original film, not a sequel or prequel and will be released on November 27th 2013. The strongest rumor is that this will be a dinosaur themed film with Pete Docter directing. Pete directed Monsters Inc and UP, but has passed on directing the upcoming Monsters Inc prequel. Eagle-eyed fans spotted dinosaur artwork within the DVD extras in UP, showing the animators busy at work. The studio also held a dinosaur-themed evening for employees and animators in April, which included a screening of ‘Jurassic Park’.

The other rumour is for PLANES, a spin-off from CARS, however it’s looking very likely that this film will be released straight to DVD in 2012 by Disney and will have minimal branding from Pixar. Watch the PLANES teaser here

Things are looking exciting in Pixar at the moment, their upcoming release CARS 2 is boasting strong reviews from movie bibles Variety and Hollywood Reporter, they couldn’t have been more glowing if a Pixar employee had written them. They’ll follow this up next year with the highly anticipated BRAVE, an animation about a Scottish princess starring Emma Thompson and Billy Connolly. Then in summer 2013 the Oscar winning animation studio will release the prequel to one of their best loved cartoons MONSTERS INC.

Stay tuned for more information about Pixar’s mysterious movie.