Peter Jackson agrees to direct The Hobbit

Good news for Tolkien fans, Jackson is returning to the franchise…

With deadlines looming Peter Jackson has agreed to return to Middle Earth and direct both Hobbit movies back to back.

The surprise development happened after Guillermo Del Toro abrupt departure left the films in jeopardy. For a while Jackson’s muse Neill Blomkamp (who previously directed District 9) was rumoured to be taking the reigns of The Hobbit but studio pressure and an approaching release date meant there wasn’t time for him to take on the project.

Jackson is due to meet The Hobbit actors in London on July 4th, with filming expected to take place later in the year.

There is no word on what will happen to Tintin, Stephen Spielberg has already directed the first part of the movie and Jackson was due to direct the second part, but that’s unlikely to happen now with two Hobbit movies to complete.

Stay tuned for more news on THE HOBBIT.