Paranormal Activity 2 tops box office

Paranormal Activity sequel tops box office charts

Paranormal Activity 2 has hit cinemas and taken the top spot

The horror sequel knocked kids movie Despicable Me from the top spot to number 2, while Bruce Willis action movie RED is a new entry at number three.

Facebook drama The Social Network dropped from second to fourth place, while Zack Snyder’s owl animation Legend Of The Guardians completes the top five.

The full top ten box office can be found below:

1. (-) Paranormal Activity 2
2. (1) Despicable Me
3. (-) RED
4. (2) The Social Network
5. (-) Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole
6. (-) Alpha And Omega
7. (3) Vampires Suck
8. (-) Easy A
9. (5) Life As We Know It
10. (4) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps