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UCI Tallaght cinema to close

movie news | 27 Feb 2010 | 22 comments

UCI Tallaght to close with the loss of 50 jobs, new cinema planned for Belgard Square East

The UCI cinema at in Tallaght is to close its doors in March after 20 years at The Square, with the loss of over 50 jobs.
The closure follows notice from landlords Alburn who said the lease was always due to come to an end this month and would not be renewed.
A spokeswoman for UCI cinemas made a statement saying "Following notice given by landlords Alburn, we can confirm that the UCI Tallaght will close it's doors to the public on March 8th 2010. UCI Cinemas would like to take this opportunity to thank all of its guests who have visited the cinema over the years and thank the UCI team members who have contributed so much to the running of the cinema".
Staff member James Dunne said "We didn't see this coming, even the managers had no idea. Fifty job losses is massive and many of the staff have kids and mortgages - it's going to be extremely hard for them".
A planning application was passed recently for a new 14 screen cinema complex at Belgard Square East, on the site of the former Woodies DIY.

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  • ssconnolly

    This is a suprise. Never been to that cinema but I figured it would be quite popular, obviously not popular enough.

  • masonica

    Doesn't seem to be a case of whether the cinema was popular. More a case of landlords hiking up the lease/rent. Might have hiked it up with the intention of UCI pulling out as may have another client wanting the unit. Hope the staff are okay as sucks to be let go in this climate.

  • WildRose86

    But...that's the place of butter popcorn, that was their thing! Even if it was in other UCIs, all I ever heard was "UCI Tallaght has butter popcorn"
    "How was the film?"
    "Butter popcorn!"
    March 8th is so soon also, this is a sad story :( Hope the staff get jobs, it's tough out there :(

  • andrewire

    What a shame. Every time a cinema is closed I feel I just lost someone close. Never been to that one in particular but I really hate the idea of cinemas being closed. People should support their local cinemas!

  • NavanDC

    That seems like a pretty stupid move on behalf of the group who own the lease, I would not be surprised if Vue will be in there soon wont lie idle

    on an somewhat related matter, I went to see Solomon Kane on friday evening in DiamondNavan (excellent film). we had never been to that particular screen before, the SCREEN was in the bottom corner of the auditorium???, its hard to describe but imagine it like being half the seating of a normal auditorium??? still deadly, Diamond Navan is a top wee cinema , also meath people know how to stay quiet during a movie!!!!!!

  • efa

    Aw no way, i love the butter popcorn!!
    God it'll be ages until anything is built on the new site! There is nothing there now!

  • rkk90

    It was never about being a popular cinema or anything, it was all about the landlords, I work there, and every1 is gutted including myself, was the last thing we all expected and needed. Doors close on the 8th. Wont be easy.

  • masonica

    Really sorry to hear about it, totally gutting thing to happen. Landlords of retail units seem to have gone mad and totally out of touch with the hikes. Hope it works out for you all. 

    Originally Posted By rkk90

    It was never about being a popular cinema or anything, it was all about the landlords, I work there, and every1 is gutted including myself, was the last thing we all expected and needed. Doors close on the 8th. Wont be easy.


    Dont feel bad guys. Its been my cinema since 1990, i was 7 when it opened. They havent changed it at all except the seats in the 5 back rows and you have to pay 2.50 extra to sit in them. They were too expensive and didnt give a shit. I dont know how many times i had to get up and close the doors after the film started. Sad to see a cinema close and feel bad for the people working there but it was a big kip.

  • Jamesito

    Jeeze, that's so sad, I remember going to this cinema lots back when it opened. 

    Wasn't this one of the 1st large multiplex cinemas in Ireland?

    Shame the had to hike up the rents, but will any other cinema chain want to pay such high rates?

  • emer

    I have to agree, i went there a few times but i wasn't impressed. A lot of things annoyed me and the management weren't helpful at all. I do feel bad that they had to close but there are plenty of other cinemas out there who make a much better effort than they did...

  • Terry4520

    The place was a kip because the owners kept injecting money into the other 2 UCI's, Blanchardstown and Coolock and left Tallaght to go to shit....The staff were the only decent thing in the place and the truth is that we were all made redundant so they dont have to transfer our contracts over to the new cinema thats being planned for the old Woodies spot in Tallaght! They want staff in this new cinema to do every job from projection to ushering, no job roles and shit pay....the company makes me sick and i'll never sit in a UCI cinema again!

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