The Darkest Hour

Release Date 13 Jan 2012 TBA

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Certificate: 15A


The Darkest Hour is the story of five young people who find themselves stranded in Moscow, fighting to survive in the wake of a devastating alien attack. The thriller highlights the classic beauty of Moscow alongside mind-blowing special effects.

Emile Hirsch | Olivia Thirlby | Rachael Taylor | Max Minghella | Joel Kinnaman

M.T. Ahern | Leslie Bohem


Chris Gorak

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Two would-be software designer moguls Sean (Hirsch) and Ben (Minghella) arrive in Moscow only to find that their Russian investor Skyler (Kinnaman) has decided instead to simply steal their globetrotting app. Down but not entirely out, the duo attempt to drown their sorrows in a local nightclub where they meet up with holidaying babes Natalie (Thirlby) and Anne (Taylor), the foursome having just about enough time to introduce themselves before strange electric charges descend from the sky. And proceed to microwave the hell out of Moscow. Surviving the massacre, along with the cowardly, double-crossing Skyler, our incredibly irritating protagonists hook up with what appears to be Russian tribute acts for Right Said Fred and Vanessa Paradis (Ozerova), as they make their way across the city to a waiting submarine…

THE VERDICT: I think we might just have found the worst film of 2012. And it’s only January! For the first half hour, I thought I was watching a homemade 1978 cinema ad for Zhivago’s nightclub (Baggot Street’s failed answer to Studio 54). And given the fact that you’re always at least two steps ahead of the protagonists here meant The Darkest Hour played like a new Channel 4 series, Surviving An Alien Invasion With The Amish.

It’s easy to tell who here has a good agent; their character gets killed off early. How bad is this movie? Hilariously bad. Just not hilariously bad enough for me to actually recommend it. The lighting, the script, the acting and the direction are ferociously flat, the 3D seems to exist purely to make the subtitles float, and Max Minghella runs like he’s just had an unfortunate run-in with a poker. A dull film. In every possible way. 

Review by Paul Byrne 

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    Its Pure Shit... but i kinda enjoyed it

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    The setting in deserted Moscow isthe biggest point of difference about this ho-hum end ofthe world scenario. Alsoinvisibleisthe tension to give this apocalyptic sci-fi action thriller scares and impetus.

    • Currently 2/5 Stars.


    The Darkest Hour isn't that dark and unfortunately isn't an hour-long episode of an average sci-fi series. It should be though, because frankly it's not good enough for cinema. Chris Gorak made the unsettling and memorable dirty-bomb-in-LA film Right At Your Door, but here he's a director for hire under the wings of producer Timur Bekmambetov. The results are decidedly mixed. The idea of invisible, energy-based aliens invading Moscow (and the rest of the world) is initially interesting but the film gradually takes a turn for the ridiculous in the third act. When we finally do get a peek at the aliens, they look like rejects for a third-rate video game. There's a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense in the film, but the filmmakers presume that you've either (a) left (b) fallen asleep or (c) tried not to notice and are instead entranced by Moscow in all its deserted glory. A sequel is being threatened. I think I would prefer a real alien invasion to that.

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    Okay first the positives. There are none. This film is shockingly bad. Good actors are made to look awful. The script is dreadful, with some of the worst lines I have ever heard. And there are enough plot holes to fill a book and the ending is awful. The idea is great. Being in a foreign country when an alien invasion happens. But this film does not take advantage of this plot point at all, as soon all of the Russians can speak perfect English. Just a dreadul film.