Release Date 03 Jun 2011 TBA

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Certificate: NR

Genre: Drama

Christian Hincker | Gérard Depardieu | Yolande Moreau | Isabelle Adjani | Dick Annegarn | Albert Delpy | Remy Kolpa | Bouli Lanners | Serge Larivière | Miss Ming

Gustave De Kervern | Benoît Delépine


Gustave De Kervern | Benoît Delépine

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It’s a trip down memory lane for the far-from-shy but now retiring Serge Pilardosse (Depardieu), dusting down his old Mammuth motorbike when he’s informed that his pension won’t be forthcoming until he tracks down some payment slips from his former employers. Serge finds his past is not quite as he remembers it, and time has definitely moved on…

THE VERDICT: There’s something inherently inviting about an old icon of cinema (Depardieu being France’s answer to De Niro; a legendary actor who only occasionally gets a hard-on for his work these days) taking a road trip on a classic old bike. At times, Mammuth feels like a magical mystery tour with an old friend, and Depardieu seems to relish in being the easy, breezy rider. Sweet as. 

Review by Paul Byrne 

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  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

User Reviews

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    Mammuth is unsure what it wants to say, and frustration and confusion reign as the closing credits roll

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    Saw this during the French film festival. It is quirky, even for a French film, but is coherent and sufficiently plot-driven to be enjoyable. Depardieu is in good form and the supporting cast are excellent.