8.5 Hours

Release Date 29 Jan 2010 TBA

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Certificate: U


8.5 Hours is a complex portrayal of a working day that has extraordinary implications for the four characters whose lives are linked by sharing an office together in a small software company. Each of the characters experiences a series of events that changes each of their lives, some events influenced by the other characters where their paths cross, others occurring independently and lived out in the character’s own private thoughts as they recall events in their past which still haunt them. Each of the four characters has a story, all of which are ultimately resolved by the end of the day. Eight point five hours stars Lynette Callaghan (Cold Feet), Victor Burke (Fair City), Art Kearns (The Clinic), Jonathan Byrne (Fair City) and Geraldine Plunkett (Glenroe).

Lynette Callaghan | Victor Burke | Jonathan Byrne | Art Kearns | Geraldine Plunkett | Tom O'Sullivan | Gary Egan | Clodagh Reid | Fred Ledoux | Maeve McGowan

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  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

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    • Currently 2/5 Stars.


    8.5hours was made for 100,000 apparently. Where did all the money go? The acting was forced and hammy, though probably as a result of the script and the juvenile dialogue

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    Interesting and funny alternative movie. It is nice to see something different for a change.

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    The film “8.5 hours” is an interesting and thought provoking film. It is based on the start of the demise of “The Celtic Tiger” in 2007. The story is told through the lives of four co-workers and their boss, who work for an I.T. Software Company, one of the celtic tiger status jobs. It portrays the typical office situation, that you spend most of your day with your co-workers but don’t know what is really going on in each others lives, other than the superficial, “What did you do for the weekend” ?etc. With the clever use of flashbacks we get to learn, that each of the four had a bad/boring weekend and the reason and history attaching to it. We get to see that living the “Celtic Tiger “ lifestyle is not all it may appear on the surface. Those who aspired to and achieved wealth and success, did so to the detriment of their personal lives. We see relationships tested by betrayal, greed, sex, alcohol and drugs. Religion even appears, in the form of Geraldine Plunkett’s character, in all its old Ireland guise, wagging a reprimanding finger at the wanton way of this generation and predicting impending doom. She portrays a generation who were obsessed with religion, to the point of hysteria, laughed and scoffed at by the tiger generation. It becomes clear that following either of these paths does not lead you to happiness. This film had a very cosmopolitan feel to it, it could have been set in any prosperous city in the world. You could just imagine the same stories happening in London, New York, Paris etc. The Cinematography was amazing, again making Dublin look like a shining jewel on the surface, contributing to its international feel, this is not just a film for Dubliners or the Irish, anyone who lives this lifestyle or aspires to it, will relate to it. The old maxim “Be careful what you wish for “ applies here, and especially how you go about getting it! As so much of the younger generation have been raised on t.v. programmes based on, the rich and the famous, and magazines that dictate that you have to look like celebrities, this film should be watched by all young adults, as it reveals the falsehood of a life based on money, greed, sex, and materialism. Overall, a very entertaining film, cleverly put together, which holds your interest from beginning to end. The main characters are excellently cast and anyone who has worked in an office will instantly relate to their situation. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, which held my interest and left no annoying unanswered questions at the end. I would highly recommend it.

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    If I could, Id give this no stars. Think Low budget intermission, directed by the Coen Brothers and youre in the right ballpark, with more false-endings than Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King. Really unenjoyable, the cast make Keanu Reeves look like Lawrence Olivier. I would recommend everyone steer clear of this unless they have time to waste.

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    The only good thing about this film was the fact that I got the tickets for free. Awful, awkward, with a wooden cast and a terrible script. And as for the ending..well. The less said, the better.

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    Best movie to come out of Ireland in a long time. Well done to all involved.

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    great Irish movie not for the conservative minded

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