8.5 Hours

8.5 Hours is a complex portrayal of a working day that has extraordinary implications for the four characters whose lives are linked by sharing an office together in a small software company. Each of the characters experiences a series of events that changes each of their lives, some events influenced by the other characters where their paths cross, others occurring independently and lived out in the character

start date : 2010-01-29
database poster: http://www.movies-plus.com/photos/http://movies.ie/uploads/posters/8hours.jpg
start Distributor : Lionsgate UK
start Runtime : 75Minutes
start Advisory : Contains very mild language and comic fight scenes
start rating : U
start cast : Lynette Callaghan,Victor Burke,Jonathan Byrne,Art Kearns,Geraldine Plunkett,Tom O'Sullivan,Gary Egan,Clodagh Reid,Fred Ledoux,Maeve McGowan
start directors :
start genres :