7 Aum Arivu (The Seventh Sense)

7aam Arivu is a sci-fi medical thriller in which Surya is said to play a triple role as a circus artist, Buddhist monk and a scientist. 7aam Arivu features Surya and Shruti Haasan in lead roles while Vietnamese stunt actor Johnny Tri Nguyen plays the negative role

start date : 2011-10-26
end date : 2012-03-26
database poster: http://www.movies-plus.com/photos/118411h1.jpg
start Distributor : B4U Network Ltd
start Runtime : 168Minutes
start Advisory : Contains strong violence
start rating : 15A
start cast : Surya Sivakumar,Shruti K. Haasan,Johnny Nguyen,Steven Dasz,Jill Kelsey
start directors : AR Murugadoss
start genres :