It’s the age old question of original versus remake as we pit Korean horror “A Tale of Two Sisters”against its american counterpart “The Uninvited”…

Another Asia Extreme cover, the Uninvited/A Tale of Two Sisters tells the story of a family torn apart by secrets, two sisters terrorised by a cruel stepmother and a house haunted by an angry spirit – similar stories but that is where the comparison ends, as we see these two horror flicks battler it out in our Movie Wars.



Poster Versus Poster



A picture paints a thousand words, so when the picture is off two blood covered girls in a family portrait, you know that this film has a lot to offer. The comfortable and all too familiar family portrait is given a rather gory and altogether chilling treatment captioned with ‘Fairy Tales Have Never Been This Grimm’, a smiling mother, a stern father, a dead blood smeared daughter and her fragile sister.


A dark figure eyes us through a flimsy window, her silhouetted body pressed against the glass – mysterious and what could have been an excellent movie poster is cheapened by ‘from the produces of the ring and disturbia’ – not exactly films one can brag about so don’t flaunt it on your posters – this poster could be for any horror/psych thriller/mystery film out there, so baring that in mind, its clear of the two posters which wins:



A Tale of Two Sisters: 1, The Uninvited: 0



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