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Greenberg is the Surprise Film for JDiff 2010

movie news | 28 Feb 2010 | 9 comments

Did you guess the surprise movie at this years Jameson Dublin Film Festival?

Ben Stiller's new movie Greenberg was revealed today to be the surprise film of JDiff 2010.

It is the second time that director Noah Baumbach was chosen as the Secret Film, his 2005 film 'The Squid And The Whale' was also a secret film at an earlier Jameson Dublin Film Festival.

Other surprise films over the years include Hamlet 2, Starsky and Hutch, 300, The Jacket, Hearbreakers and The Mexican.

The 2010 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival draws to a close today with a gala screening of 'I Am Love', with Tilda Swinton in attendance. Check out next month for an interview with Tilda Swinton held during the festival.


  • ssconnolly

    aw man that would've been sweet. Love Baumbach and this film looks pretty good. Anyone know when its actual release date is.

  • tetsujin1979

    was there, along with Mr Twist and BigBadBrian.

    It's a real "film festival" film, that kind that kills at something like Sundance, but doesn't do well on release. I got the impression that the writer decided to make an indie film by watching a whole bunch of other indie films and take the best bits from each, or the indie film equivalent of painting by numbers.

    It's not a bad film, it just has nothing that you haven't seen before.

    We got interviewed on the way in and asked what we thought it would be, and when we all said "Kick-Ass" she said everyone had guessed that.


    Was very very unhappy with this film. Not sure if it was the bad surprise but thouht the film made people uncomfortable and was patchy to say the least. The film jumped in places where the director just though the audience would get??? Was very strange and personally thought was badly directed. Stiller and Rhys Ifans were really good especially Stiller but i really didnt like it at all. Jeniffer Jason Leigh looks weird too. I thouht the trailer for Inception was the best part. Im so upset im gonna post the upset pictures in the Forum Rants And Wahoos thread!!!


  • alanhorkan

    Wanted to walk out the moment I saw the name Noah Baumbach. Disliked the surprise film a few years back "The Squid and The Whale" enough to not want to be there and I didn't do my friend any favours by staying but thought he might get something out of the film.

    Having already watched both "Whatever Works" and "Alice in Wonderland" (and many other films during the festival) I struggled to stay awake during "Greenburg". I would not even consider recommending it to anyone who didn't already like "The Squid and The Whale". I would almost say it was the worst film I'd seen all through the festival but I must reluctantly admit that despite having been warned of bad reviews "Valhalla Rising" was truly awful and if it hadn't been the surprise film I would have simply known well enough to avoid "Greenburg".

    There were some films in the festival such as L'affaire Farewell and Castaway on the Moon that I would thoroughly recommend but still I would have to say Micmacs is the best film I've seen all month, and I've seen a lot of films this month.

  • alanhorkan

    The poster in the lobby for Kick Ass may have distracted those trying to geuss the film. Couldn't quite remember "Perierr's Bounty" at the time.

  • Mr_Twist

    Stiller and Rhys were fantastic
    the movie was cringeworthy
    a real festival movie but not one to do well upon release
    I havent felt that uncomfortable watching a movie since the time i watched 9 songs (invasion of someones life more so)
    I can see what they were trying to do and i do mean trying coz they fell well short and well left me bored and frankly i almost fell asleep twice....

  • ivor

    I've been to about a dozen surprise films at the dublin film festival over the years, and I must say the choices recently have been really bad.

    Greenberg was truly awful.  Baumbach needs to realise watching dysfunctional people in dysfunctional relationships in itself doesn't make a good movie.  Story, dialogue, acting helps too.

    The previous two years were just as bad, Hamlet 2 and The Escapist.  The festival is either trying too hard, or not enough.  The surprise film is like cooking a meal for a dinner party.  You don't cook something (like dog) that you know some of your guests won't eat.

    Will we ever see a mainstream movie (300, Galaxy Quest, The Birdcage, The Usual Suspects) grace the surprise film slot again, or will we keep getting served dog?

  • vu1999uk

    While I have never been to a surprise film at the DIFF (I did want to go this year, but bad day), I always feel mystified when people think there will be a big blockbuster.  I know 300 was picked a few years ago, but most of them have been indie comedy or dramas.  Pretty much what a large part of the festival is.  How many blockbusters where in this years festival?  One, maybe two at a stretch.  So why should the surprise film be one? 

    Now if the film is not good, granted you should be allowed to critique and question the merits of picking that film (quality wise).  But a low budget indie dramedy is exactly the type of film they should be picking. 

  • alanhorkan

    I accept that a big mainstream film like 300 is likely to be the exception, and Kick Ass seemed unlikely. I had initially thought Zonad might be the surprise film when it wasn't included in the festival at all. Others suggested Perrier's Bounty. That no one guessed the surprise film isn't a good thing, given the amount of wishful thinking in most guesses.

    The Escapist may not have been a brilliant film but it wasn't bad either and think it was a good choice of surprise film since it is something that would have broad appeal, unlikely to alienate large chunks of the audience, and something people might not otherwise have given a chance. Then again maybe you could say the same about Greenburg being something people might like if they gave it a chance if I hadn't already been completely turned off Noah Greenburg after The Squid and the Whale and Margot at the Wedding.

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