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Twilight Reboot Confirmed for 2014 will feature cameo from Robert Pattinson

movie news | 01 Apr 2012 | 5 comments

Stephanie Meyer will bring the new Twilight movie to Ireland

Twilight author Stephanie Meyer today confirmed that her original Twilight book will be remade as a new film franchise with a release date scheduled for 2014. Speaking at a gala dinner last night Meyer confirmed that she will also direct the film "Fans will know that I wasn't hugely impressed by the first film in The Twilight Saga and this is my chance to show the movie the way I always intended it to be seen".

Meyer, who has just finished work on the script to the upcoming sci-fi movie "The Host" revealed that Irish actress Saoirse Ronan will play the iconic Bella Swan, while Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson will play Jacob Black, The role of Edward Cullen has yet to be cast with Meyer saying "It will be tough for anyone to fill Robert Pattinson's shoes, I did ask him to return to the role but he has a full schedule, instead he will make a small cameo playing Carlisle Cullen in the remake".

Meyer also confirmed that the new Twilight saga will be filmed in Ireland and that lovable Irish twins Jedward gay will have a role in the film playing the Hale children Rosalie and Jasper, Meyer did not reveal if Rosalie's character will be changed to male or if one of the Jedward twins will play the character as female. Speaking of making the movie in Ireland Meyer said "Ireland is home of the vampire, the Dracula legend started there, luckily Bram Stoker's work is out of copyright so we can borrow many of his inspired ideas. Not to mention the beautiful scenery and wonderful gothic locations that offer many opportunities for filming, I'm already rewriting a scene to fit around the Spire on Dublin's O'Connell street, it reminds me of a giant stake and we can use it in one of the fight scenes."

The Twilight Reboot will open in cinemas on 1/4/2014





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