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Giant Spider attacks Moviesie office

movie news | 19 Nov 2010 | 12 comments wins at 2010 Eircom Golden Spider Awards picked up an Eircom Golden Spider award last night for best digital editing. 
The awards are considered one of the highest accolades in Irish internet circles, so needless to say, we're rather chuffed. 
The award does look something like a giant golden spider, it could also double up as a fancy lemon squeezer or head massager, so if anyone has an itchy scalp, feel free to call over. also picked up an Irish Web Award a few weeks back for Best Entertainment Site in Ireland.
We're feeling so lucky that we just might splash out on some lottery scratch cards this morning.

Once again, thanks to all the popcorn junkies, forum-users and movie reviewers, we're loving your work! 


  • vu1999uk

    Congratulations Well deserved.

  • pkinsella

    Another well deserved award, congrats.

  • tetsujin1979

    Congratulations guys

  • masonica

    Congrats guys and gals. The new look site really seems to be well regarded and deservedly so.

  • ssconnolly

    nice one, completely deserved. Congratulations.

  • seamyfox

    Well done ol chaps!

  • WildRose86

    Congratulations guys! Well done :D

    Am eager to see the award now - so, Pics or it didn't happen ;)

  • Bigeamo

    Well done guys, I was there last night and was rooting for you. I liked Jimmy Carr's comment about you looking like the kind of a guy who likes "filums".

  • ging-grr

    Congrats to all at, well deserved

  • TheSpecs

    You're great

    I love you.

  • phoebe

    You need to stop being so awesome and winning awards because too many people are realising what some of us have know for a long time....that this is a great site with great features and competitions!! Congrats on all the well deserved recognition and awards galore!!!


    Well done guys. Well deserved.

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