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Chartbusters Irish DVD rental chain to close

movie news | 29 Oct 2010 | 6 comments

Where are we supposed to get our sun tan now?

Irish DVD rental chain Chartbusters today closed all of its stores after the company went into voluntary liquidation with the loss of 87 jobs.

The chain blamed the closure on the "severe and unprecedented nature of the current economic downturn". Their official website posted the following statement this morning

Dear Customers,
Unfortunately Chartbusters Ltd will cease trading as of Friday 29th of October 2010. We would like to thank all our customers for their continued business over our many years and hope you've enjoyed using our service.
Please return rentals into drop boxes or letter boxes located at your local store. Please direct enquiries via e-mail to
Once again thank you,



  • andrewire

    Never heard of them. It's a sad thing nonetheless. Hate when this happens.

  • WildRose86

    Just heard this news, girl I know worked in the local one - damn.

  • TheAngelicDiablo

    Taught it went bust years ago...

  • ssconnolly

    DVD rental should be used loosely here. I reckon most their income in recent years has come from tanning and internet services. It is a shame nonetheless.

  • miniPhil

    It was only a mater of time really. Shame though, they had a far better foreign selection that Xtravision. Also I used to rent my N64 games from Chartbusters. Good times.

  • Ballymoreman II

    I feel sorry for the employees who lose their jobs but other than that Chartbusters wont be missed. Vastly overpriced on all their 2nd hand DVD's. Most of them were dearer than buying them new in HMV. What a joke.

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