Movie Wars Woody Allen Versus Larry David

As Whatever Works hits Irish cinemas, we pit the two New Yorkers against each other…

This week sees two of the most quintessential New Yorkers hit the screen together as Woody Allen and Larry David team up for new comedy Whatever Works. After a few years in exile, Whatever Works is a welcome return to Manhattan for the director. David stars as a Nobel prize shortlisted physicist with a bad temper and a dislike for society in general. He starts to soften though when he meets and falls for a sweet young woman played by Evan Rachel Wood. This week, Movie Wars pits Allen against David – who will be the King of New York?





Both David and Allen started their careers in stand up and both men found this to be a little difficult. Allen of course took a move into the movie business and despite a few questionable releases over the last few years has a body of work behind him that is undeniably great; from early, zany comedies like Bananas to Oscar winning fare like Annie Hall, Manhattan and Hannah and her Sisters. David meanwhile moved into television and made his fame (and fortune) writing classic sitcom Seinfeld and more recently the cult show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

This round has to go to Allen.



King of New York


Larry of course knows New York like the back of his hand; his Seinfeld stand in George famously knew the best public restroom to use in New York city within a radius of a few blocks. However, once David left Seinfeld, he promptly left New York as well, heading for the sunnier climate of Los Angeles. Even though Allen has moved around a bit for the past few years, from London to Spain and back again; he will always be associated with New York. Allen is in love with New York – just have a look at the opening sequence of Manhattan.

Round two to Woody Allen!




Neurotic much?


Both Allen and David are famous for putting versions of themselves and their own experiences into their work. Judging by their screen counter-parts, both men are neurotic to an insane degree! If you thought George was bad in Seinfeld, just watch what a move to Los Angeles does for Larry’s psyche in Curb Your Enthusiasm. There is barely a moment in the show where Larry isn’t flying into a rage about some social nicety or absurd rules and regulations. Meanwhile, Woody Allen’s scripts are catalogues of his petty annoyances and odd habits – from intense hypochondria to his hatred of queuing at the cinema.

For sheer spleen venting anger, this one has to go to Larry!

Well it looks like it’s a win for Allen – but we can’t wait to see the two New Yorkers together at last for Whatever Works!