Movie Wars Teeth v Jennifers Body

It’s the battle of the demonically possessed femme fatales in this week’s Movie Wars!

Gone are the days of running away from girls with cooties! Gone are the days of chasing them around the playground with a frog or spider! Times have changed and now we’ve all developed a curious interest in the female species – a harmless interest…or is it…

We all know how High School works by now, the whole student body is ruled over by the popular and pretty girl and she either likes you or she makes your life a living hell. Jennifer Check seems like the ordinary Queen Bee but when she becomes possessed by an evil demonic being her lust for blood and death is impossible to quench so she turns to the boys in her school. ‘Jennifer’s Body’ comes from the writer who brought us Juno, Diablo Cody.

Behind the popular cheerleader stands the shy pretty and nerdy girl, often overlooked because of her timid nature but you’d be wise to stay away from her too, if ‘Teeth’ has anything to do with it.

In our latest movie wars we pit the popular girl of ‘Jennifer’s Body’ against the wallflower in ‘Teeth’ to determine who really is, the biggest threat to men everywhere.