Movie Wars Bruno versus Borat

The king of kazakhstan takes on Austria’s favourite fashionista in this week’s Movie Wars…

With the release of Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest film, we here at have decided to pit both these outrageous characters against each other in our Movie Wars to decide which of these is most likely to do any of the following: entertain, enrage, and offend.

The character of Borat first aired in Cohen’s Ali G show while Bruno was a character Cohen played prior to his rise to fame in a number of shorts for the Paramount channel. Both characters are eccentric, over the top, wildly offensive, stereotypes, Borat being an awkward journalist from Kazakhstan who prides himself on his chauvinistic right wing opinions and compares himself to Joseph Stalin. Bruno on the other hand is an Austrian fashionista and an embodiment of some of the more extreme stereotypes affiliated with the gay community.

Who will come out as the supreme politically incorrect winner of our Movie Wars?