Movie Wars Borat versus Brno

Is Sacha Baron Cohen right, is Borat “so 2006”? pits the king of Kazakhstan against everyone’s favourite fashionista in our latest Movie Wars.

Sexy Time is over. At least according to Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest Brüno poster which quotes Borat as being “so 2006”. The film, coming this Sümmer (that umlaut is very important) tackle the world of the ultra camp, in the world of the ultra country (middle America to be precise) with everyone’s favourite fashionista Brüno at the helm. But is Sacha Baron Cohen right – can Brüno really knock Borat off the top spot for laugh out loud controversy or is he just Borat with a different accent? We pit the king of Kazakhstan, Borat, against newcomer Brüno in our latest Movie wars.






Credit where credits due, Sacha Baron Cohen has brought back his Borat director Larry Charles for this latest effort. Before his work on Borat, Charles had predominantly worked in television, most notably cringe-comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage. In the last three years he’s gone on to make his own mark on the world of the mockumentary – most recently with the hilarious Religulous. Still, we’re awarding Borat the point as the film that established Charles as a fine mockumentary filmmaker…




Movie Wars: Borat 1, Brüno 0