Movie Fest 2012 – Timetable & Tips

Some suggestions to make your Movie Fest a great fest!

Behold the Movie Fest timetable… We’ve also put together some tips below that will help you get the best out of your weekend. 
We hope everyone going has a great time!

1/ Doors open at 10am every day. Seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis, apart from a handful of seats which are reserved for the director/actor guests attending each movie. 

2/  Consider printing your tickets out from Cineworld’s credit card machine on Friday, we expect large queues on Saturday morning, it will mean you can get to your seat faster! 

3/ The carpark at Cineworld are offering a deal of 9 euro to park for the entire day, ask at the carpark or in the cinema for a discount flyer. 

4/ Feel free TWEET about any movies or footage that you enjoyed, it will help us secure more good content next time around.

5/ However, no phones can be used inside the screen – this is a STRICT policy, anyone seen with a phone switched on will be asked to leave. 

6/ For security reasons we are required to collect phones before two of our most exclusive screenings over the weekend, Looper on Sunday evening & Saturday’s mystery movie. We are using the services of a highly reputable security company, please co-operate fully with security over the weekend. Phones will be guarded and kept secure while you are in the screenings, you will be given a voucher and your phone will be placed safely in a bag until after the film. 

7/ Hold onto your ticket during the day, you’ll be able to exchange it at a local bar for some free nibbles and free drinks. We’ll have more details over the weekend! 

8/ Check your seat number when you sit down, we’ll be doing some competitions over the weekend (mostly on Sunday), so know what seat you’re in! 

If you can think of any more tips or have any questions do let us know! 

10am – Doors Open
10.30am – Paranorman starts
12.01pm – Q+A with Paranorman director Chris Butler 
12.40 – Studio trailers and footage – Including Disney/Marvel/Pixar/Universal/Fox. 
15.00 – Stitches
16.30 – Q+A with cast members
Break –
Phone check in!
17.20 – Mystery Movie
19.20 – End

10am – Doors Open
10.30am – Premium Rush starts
12.40 – Studio trailers and footage – Including Momentum, Element, Studio Canal, Paramount, Warner and more…
3.00 – Mystery Movie
Phone Check in! 
5.20 – Looper 
19.20 – End  

(NOTE : Times are approx and are subject to change)


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