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Dennis Quaid Joins Football Comedy PLAYING THE FIELD

movie news | 21 Mar 2011 | 3 comments

Quaid and Gerard Butler to play rival footabll coaches in new sports comedy from 'The Pursuit of Happyness' director Gabriele Muccino.

Blackfilm reports that Dennis Quaid has joined the upcoming Gerard Butler sports comedy 'Playing the Field.' The movie co-stars Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman and Noah Lomax.

The story follows George Dryer (Gerard Butler), a former soccer player who goes back to try and patch things up with his son (Noah Lomax) and estranged wife (Jessica Biel) – who is engaged to remarry someone else – and ends up coaching the boy’s soccer team. He becomes the subject of fascination and desire by every bored house wife in town, especially the gorgeous Patti (Uma Thurman) who sets out on a mission to seduce the coach. Dryer must try to survive the extreme temptations of Patti and advances of the other soccer moms, as well as revive his relationship with his son.

Gabriele Muccino ('The Pursuit of Happyness,' 'Seven Pounds') will directing from a script by Robbie Fox ('Playing the Field,' 'In the Army Now'). The movie begins shooting this month.


  • Mr_Twist

    the gorgeous Patti (Uma Thurman) - HAHA so this is a comedy right ? Ive NEVER seen the attraction in big toes/nose seriosuly why people fall over themselves for her is beyond me. sounds like a movie id watch in the back ground as I updated my mac drivers. wont be running out to see it but Id say it could have the odd chuckle to it

  • tetsujin1979

    sounds like an episode of Desperate Housewives

  • ssconnolly

    Twist has a decent point, reckon Biel and Thurman should switch roles. It's hard to know how this film will turn out. On one hand I'd like it to be good and it sounds like it could be a fun film, but all the cast involved far to often star in really shitty comedies. And that's why I will wait for a trailer or reviews or something along those lines.

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