Michael Cera Jason Schwartzman Interview for SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD

The stars of Scott Pilgrim visited Dublin, check out our video chat…

Scott (played by the hip-to-be-square Cera) is a 23-year old slacker who plays bass in the surprisingly good Sex Bob-Omb – when he’s not daydreaming about girls, that is. In particular, new girl in town Ramona V. Flowers (Winstead), purple-haired, roller-skated, and alluringly aloof (think Stephanie from Lazy Town, all grown up). Only trouble is, once our fumbling, mumbling anti-hero actually gets a date, he’s introduced to her seven evil exes, each a martial arts master, and each ready to engage in a little manga madness with the mild-mannered, weak-limbed Scott. Who, despite the fact that he’s a dreamer not a fighter, manages to go all Super Mario on their asses.

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SCOTT PILGRIM is now showing in Irish cinemas
Interview by Paul Byrne