MARIA FULL OF GRACE Helmer’s Untitled Next to Star Rachel Weisz and Michael Shannon

Pair will lead filmmakers’s English-language debut…

Screen Daily has learned that Rachel Weisz (‘The Lobster’) and Michael Shannon (‘Young Ones’) are to star in Joshua Marston’s next, an untitled drama that will mark the filmmaker’s English-language debut.

Penned by Marston, the film sees Weisz playing Alice, the intriguing guest introduced at a dinner party hosted by Tom (Shannon) and his wife, celebrating his birthday. Tom increasingly believes he knows Alice but by a different name and a different biography, and suspects that she is not there entirely by coincidence.

The evening spins into a highly charged reunion between a man in need of making a change in his life and a woman who desperately wants to stop changing.

Lars Knudsen and Jay Van Hoy of Parts & Labor are producing with Lucas Joaquin and Protagonist’s Eddie Vaisman. Production kicks off in the new year in New York City.